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7 books in series: Starbridge

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by A C Crispin

Series: Starbridge
Book 1 of 7
The crew of the Désirée was unprepared. The Simiu were unexpected... Earth's first contact with an alien race turns to disaster when a friendly encounter erupts into inexplicable violence and the threat of interstellar war. But two ordinary individuals--Mahree Burroughs, an ordinary woman with a gift for friendship, and Dhurrrkk', a male Simiu with boundless curiosity--have forged a bond of understanding that bridges their many differences. Along with a reluctant Robert Gable, brilliant young ship's physician, they make an astounding journey across the stars, to seek a way to save the future of both species!
Diverse cast, future books in the series even more so. Aliens show a variety of gender roles: the Simiu are matriarchal, and others use a neutral pronoun introduced in the second book.
race, multiple culture, MULTIPLE, Unspecified 1989 Adult

Silent Dances
by A C Crispin & Kathleen O’Malley

Series: Starbridge
Book 2 of 7
Book 2 of Starbridge. Deaf since birth, Tesa is the perfect ambassador to the alien Grus, whose sonic cries can shatter human ears. But her mission is harder than it looks. The Grus are not alone on their world. They have deadly enemies, both natural and otherwise. And if Tesa is to save all life on the planet, she will have to make peace with not one alien species... but -two-.
Deaf Sioux Native American woman, aliens who use sign language, racially diverse cast, this and rest of series have a few alien characters who use neutral pronouns
disability, race, pronouns, multiple culture, Native American, Deaf 1990 Adult

Shadow World
by A C Crispin and Jannean Elliott

Series: Starbridge
Book 3 of 7
For the golden-eyed Elspind, membership in the Cooperative League of Systems could bring many benefits... including a drug that would greatly increase their brief life spans. Mark Kenner, on the brink of abandoning his StarBridge career, is forced into one last assignment -- to speak on Elseemar for the CLS. But some of the Elspind are opposed to any such alliance. -Violently- opposed. They call themselves Wospind. And they are waiting for Mark and his companions...
Diverse cast, alien character with nb pronouns
race, multiple culture, pronouns Black, MULTIPLE, Unspecified 1991 Adult

Serpent's Gift
by A C Crispin and Deborah A Marshall

Series: Starbridge
Book 4 of 7
His career as an instructor at StarBridge Academy was a second chance for Serge LaRoche, a gifted musician. Until a freak accident took away his hands. For young Heather Farley, brilliant but undisciplined, StarBridge was a first chance at the security and stability she had been without all her life. But now an incredible archeological find beneath the cold surface of the school's asteroid base threatens their dreams for the future--and the future of StarBridge itself
Diverse cast. Minor character with NB pronouns
multiple culture, disability, pronouns, Amputee 1992 Adult

Silent Songs
by A C Crispin & Kathleen O'Malley

Series: Starbridge
Book 5 of 7
Book 5 of Starbridge. The men and women of StarBridge found intelligent life -- and new friends -- across the galaxy... In the skies of Trinity, the birdlike Grus welcomed the deaf human ambassador, Tesa. In the seas of Trinity, the aquatic Singers communicated with the young telepath, Jib. But on the surface of Trinity, a different kind of life form has landed. They are amphibious beings from a distant world. And they are definitely -not- friendly...
Deaf Sioux Native American woman, Maori boy, and other diversity. The Simiu culture has strict matriarchal gender roles- men are workers and women are leaders
race, disability, multiple culture, Native American, Indigenous, Deaf 1994 Adult

Ancestor's World
by A C Crispin and T Jackson King

Series: Starbridge
Book 6 of 7
On the planet Na-Dina, the tombs in the Ancestor’s Valley have lain undisturbed for six thousand years. A fully intact royal chamber promises treasures beyond reckoning, but no one expected ancient Mizari artifacts. When a member of the team is brutally murdered, Ambassador-at-Large Mahree Burroughs arrives, determined to find the killer…no matter the cost. What she discovers will change her life, the lives of the Na-Dina, and the lives of everyone in the Cooperative League of Systems.
Diverse cast
race, multiple culture MULTIPLE, Unspecified 1996 Adult

Voices of Chaos
by A C Crispin and Ru Emerson

Series: Starbridge
Book 7 of 7
A newly discovered planet peopled by feline beings called the Arrekhi has requested admission into the interplanetary Cooperative League of Systems.But the Arrekhi are skillful at deception and they conceal a cruel secret that could plunge the entire planet into a bloodbath.
Hispanic protagonist, lesbian character in main cast
race, multiple culture, Hispanic, MULTIPLE, Unspecified 1998 Adult

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