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The Adventures of Black Mask and Pale Rider
by Tim Holtorf
Elven magic meets gunslinger grit. What happens when two elven travellers find themselves in the United States in the middle of the Civil War? The Adventures of Black Mask and Pale Rider tells the story of two elven women whoís curiosity gets the better of them. The wild ride takes them from the Union to the Confederacy and back again. Along the way they make enemies and friends and learn a little bit about this world, and about themselves. An adventure of six guns and sorcery.
Submitter's comments: "The two main characters are women, one of whom is of First Nation ancestry and the other who is a lesbian. Both are elves who travel across the United States in 1863, who meet several people of various backgrounds (First Nation, African American, Chinese)."
lesbian, race, multiple culture, Native American, East Asian, Black 2010 Adult

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