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White Noise
by Tanya Lisle
Max wasn't planning on getting kidnapped. After an unusual day at school of mute goth kids, disappearing acid burns and the feeling of someone hunting for him, Max just wants to unwind at home. When a stranger appears in his room and abducts him, he witnesses the murder of his parents and becomes the prime suspect. Max soon finds himself on the run with several other abducted teens, all being hunted down because theyíve developed unnatural powers. Even with his new allies and newfound ability to heal, Max canít get too comfortable as the feeling that the people looking for him are still there - and theyíre closing in.
Author's Comments: "The lead character is gay and ends up with his love interest at the end of the story. He isn't exactly aware of his sexuality at the start, but by the end he's accepting a relationship from a guy who's expressed interest in him throughout. There is an Thai character, a black character and a half Thai character. There are also a few main mute characters, but while there is a fair amount of sign language used in the book (as well as characters making a point to learn sign language to better communicate with them), these characters also use a fair bit of telepathy with the main character. They do rely on sign language to communicate with the rest of the cast when they decide to communicate at all. "
gay, race, disability, Mute, Multiracial, Southeast Asian 2014 YA

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