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Hammer of Witches
by Shana Mlawski
Baltasar Infante, a bookmakerís apprentice living in 1492 Spain, can weasel out of any problem with a good story. But when he awakes one night to find a monster straight out of the stories peering at him through his window, heís in trouble that even he canít talk his way out of. Soon Baltasar is captured by a mysterious arm of the Spanish Inquisition, the Malleus Maleficarum, that demands he reveal the whereabouts of Amir al-Katib, a legendary Moorish sorcerer who can bring myths and the creatures within them to life. Baltasar doesnít know where the man isóor that he himself has the power to summon genies and golems. Baltasar must escape, find al-Katib, and defeat a dreadful power that may destroy the world. As Baltasarís journey takes him into uncharted lands on Columbusís voyage westward, he learns that stories are more powerful than he once believed them to beóand much more dangerous.
Spanish/Moorish protagonist
race, Muslim 2013 YA

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