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Last of the Tasburai
by Rehan Khan
ĎWe are the last of the Tasburai. We have to keep the faith.í The kingdoms of Avantolia are in trouble but they donít know it yet: war is brewing amongst them, while their ancient enemies, the Magrog demon-masters, are poised to invade. The legendary Tasburai warriors once guarded the kingdoms, but now their elite order triggers more fear than respect. Grandmaster and elite swordfighter Suri-Yi must come to terms with the ghosts of her past and find the courage to revive the Tasburai as a force for good, not a tool of persecution. Along with her gifted but volatile apprentice Adan, she must rebel against the tyranny of her one-time masters and liberate the people from oppression. She and Adan must stop the Avanist Republic exporting revolution to the kingdoms and along the way come to the aid of a spoilt princess, a feisty young thief and an army captain with no self-belief. Redemption for past evil calls Ė but it may have to wait until present evil is defeated. Time is running out Ö
Middle Eastern, Indian, and various Asian inspirations
race, setting, multiple culture, , race MULTIPLE, South Asian, Middle Eastern, East Asian 2014 Adult

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