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by Rebecca Schwartz
Rachel Simons just wants to graduate college and move on to an exciting biology career doing something very geeky. The only thing standing between her and her future is a required course: physics. Weird happenings are going on in the physics department. Rachelís physics professor Peter Parker, aptly nicknamed Spider-Man, has a strange document up on his computer when Rachel visits during his office hours. Is Peter Parker really a superhero, and is there an arch enemy whoís trying to kill him - and maybe Rachel as well? Justin Borgstrom, Peter Parkerís assistant, has unwittingly dragged Rachel into the center of the conflict, and Rachelís not sure sheíll live through the end of the semester, fend off Justinís romantic advances, or ever pass physics.
Bisexual characters, Pakistani secondary character
bisexual, race, Middle Eastern 2014 YA

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gay lesbian
bisexual asexual
transgender nonbinary
genderqueer race
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multiple culture all-female
disability poly
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intersex aromantic

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