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Beyond the Pale
by Mark Anthony
(First in series) A strange rift in ordinary reality draws saloon owner Travis Wilder and ER doctor Grace Beckett into the otherworld of Eldh--a land of gods, monsters, and magic that is sorely in need of heroes.
Submission: "Main character is a bisexual man with dyslexia who develops a condition (sensory sensitivity) after events in the book. His boyfriend is gay. He also has a sort of relationship with a woman of color as well; she is not Rroma, but she's from a non-Earth culture/ethnicity based off of them. Another primary character is a Native American woman. Another one is a woman with PTSD and memory loss as a result of it. There's also a woman with a congenital "deformed" arm, which she ends up accepting as a part of herself. There's another man with a magical prosthetic hand. A minor character is blind, and a minor/major recurring character is nonverbal."
gay, bisexual, race, multiple culture, disability, poly, Indigenous, Native American, FPOC, Mental_Illness, Blind, Amputee, Genetic, Learning_Disability 1998 Adult

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