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5 books by Joseph Robert Lewis

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The Burning Sky
by Joseph Robert Lewis

Series: Halcyon
Book 1 of 3
Taziri had a promising career as an airship engineer and inventor until an explosion tore through the airfield, incinerating the fleet and killing most of the Air Corps. Now, Taziri is the only pilot left to help the marshals chase the killers across the skies of Marrakesh. The investigation ranges across the country on steamships, atop racing locomotives, and into ancient tombs. Taziri discovers a corrupt doctor performing hideous experiments, hiding lethal weapons inside the killers' bodies using Taziri's own inventions. And with assassins in every shadow and riots on every street corner, Taziri quickly learns to defend herself as only an engineer can - with her machines. The marshals have one other problem: they're men. And in a country where women control the government, the military, and the most powerful industries in the world, Taziri has a clear advantage. But despite all her efforts, her country's only hope for survival may be an exiled Incan princess riding a giant eagle, a dashing swordsman who talks to ghosts, and Taziri's airship Halcyon plummeting out of the burning sky.
Set in Morocco
setting, , race Middle Eastern, North Africa 2012 Adult

The Broken Sword
by Joseph Robert Lewis

Series: Halcyon
Book 2 of 3
Lorenzo's world is falling apart. His fencing school is failing, the military wants him back in uniform, and the entire country is reeling from a devastating war. But he believes that an ancient and dangerous relic can restore his nation to prosperity and honor, if the military doesn't find it first. With his fearless wife at his side, as well as her saber-toothed cat, Lorenzo confronts cruel assassins, blood-thirsty beasts, and deadly blizzards on his journey. But when the relic is stolen and the military unleashes a massive new warship, Lorenzo must prevent a war that could destroy countless nations, even if it costs him both the relic and his life.
Diverse cast
setting,, race Middle East, Hispanic, North Africa 2012 Adult

The Bound Soul
by Joseph Robert Lewis

Series: Halcyon
Book 3 of 3
A murder in a hotel lobby. A high-flying chase across the length of the continent. And a manhunt through the ancient and deadly streets of Alexandria. Qhora Yupanqui has always feared being alone, and now she is. Exiled from her Incan homeland, deprived of her dashing husband, and separated from her beloved beasts, she must gather her own allies to find a killer and free the souls of hundreds of murdered men and women. With the help of Taziri Ohana's amazing inventions, Mirari Velasquez's unshakable loyalty, and Salvator Fabris's deadly blade, Qhora unravels the mystery of the soul-stealing metal called aetherium and the ancient cult of priests and assassins who not only want to rule the world, but master Death itself.
Incan protagonist
setting, , race South American, Middle East, Hispanic, Indigenous, 2012 Adult

The Dragon and the Lotus
by Joseph Robert Lewis

Series: Chimera
Book 1 of 2
As a child in Kathmandu, Asha was bitten by a dragon and gained the ability to hear the souls of all living things. Years later in India, she uses her strange gift and her training as an herbalist to save people possessed by ghosts, poisoned by legendary beasts, and tortured by the cruel doctors of Ming. And to fight the occasional bear or tiger, of course. With the help of a beautiful blind nun and a sleepy little mongoose, Asha confronts both victims and predators, including the man who stole her childhood and killed her lover. But when she journeys into the west, Asha discovers that there are fates worse than death and there are human monsters that can only be defeated by a woman with the strength of a dragon.
Set in India, blind character
setting, disability, , race South Asian, Blind 2011 Adult

The City of the Gods
by Joseph Robert Lewis

Series: Chimera
Book 2 of 2
The epic conclusion of the eight-volume Other Earth series, which includes the Halcyon, Europa, and Chimera series: The dragon-possessed healer Asha of Kathmandu joins forces with the fox witch Wren, the airship engineer Taziri, and the immortal knight Gideon to save the living gods of Alexandria from an ancient evil. The immortal Lilith has come to the city to terrorize its people, and to twist them into hideous, monstrous slaves to serve her dark designs. Many heroes have gathered to defeat her, but the one person who knows all the secrets of this place is stolen away. Ashaís new ally Anubis has a dark agenda of his own. And if Asha cannot control her own grief and rage at the evils she has seen, the dragonís soul that dwells within her may consume her utterly, transforming her into the most devastating monster of all. Inhuman creatures rampage across Alexandria, and battles rage from the city streets to the night skies, and from the great lighthouse down into the vast necropolis hidden beneath the earth. But this is a battle that cannot be won with weapons, no matter how otherworldly, if Asha is to also save her own sanity and bring peace to the city of the gods.
Diverse cast
setting, , race 2012 Adult

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