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Gooseberry Bluff Community College of Magic
by David J Schwartz
Meet the newest professor at Gooseberry Bluff Community College of Magic, Joy Wilkins. She may suffer from face blindness, but Joy can still recognize people by reading their auras - a skill that comes in particularly handy for her real work as an undercover agent with the Federal Bureau of Magical Affairs. Her mission: to discover the source of weaponized demons being trafficked through the quaint school on the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin, and to locate her predecessor, the school's missing History of Magic professor. But just as her investigation gets under way, the brutal murder of Joy's handler - and mentor - sets her on the trail of a secret society known as the Thirteenth Rib. With the clock ticking down to the next attack, Joy will have to find new allies and uncover ancient secrets if she's going to have any chance of defeating a conspiracy that threatens to destroy the entire world.
Submitter's comments: "Incredibly diverse book, includes characters of different races (Hispanic, Indian, Egyptian, etc), different sexualities, and a genderqueer character. The main character is a black woman with face blindness."
gay, bisexual, genderqueer, race, multiple culture, disability, pronouns, Black, Hispanic, North Africa, MULTIPLE, Unspecified, Mental_Illness 2013 Adult

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